Stunning Reasons to Have a Sweetheart Table

On the day of the wedding, wedding ceremony is very important, in addition,  another key can be reception. In Vancouver, there are a lot of choices for locations to show what you like it. Newlywed is the most important people in a wedding, also relatives, friends, groomsmen, bridesmaids and guests from oversea. How do you arrange it? So today, Focus on bride and groom, besides of the choice of head table and king’s table, you can choose sweetheart table.

婚禮當天除了結婚儀式,另外一個重點可能就是宴客吃飯了。在溫哥華,你可以選擇不同的地點去呈現你喜歡的感覺。一場婚禮有最重要的新人,親友,伴郎伴娘還有遠道而來的賓客們,到底要怎麼安排呢?所以今天以新娘和新郎為主,除了選擇最經典的head table,也可以選擇sweetheart table


A sweetheart Table is a small intimate table for just the bride and groom. The bride and groom can have more space to enjoy their dinner.
For sue, it is their first dinner!
Sweetheart Table是一個只給新娘和新郎坐的小型溫馨桌子。新娘和新郎可以有更多的空間和時間去享用餐點。結婚後的第一個晚餐,應該要讓他們好好享受才對。 


Wedding Party usually sit besides or around the bride and groom. While they are having their meals, they can only talk to the person next to them. Why not just let them sit at regular table, with their dates, family, or friends.

You can get stunning photos. This table is only for bride and groom. Photobomb might be funny, but you still want some photos are romantic.

You can be more creative on this space. You can decorate table, chair, floor, and back drop. 


Because the location you choose or you don't want to be the centre attention, you can always choose another style. The most important thing is you know which one suits your
wedding perfectly.