13 Tips for Writing Original Wedding Vows:

婚禮誓言的 13 個祕訣

If you’ve decided to stray from tradition and write your own vows, you may be suffering from the worst kind of writer’s block. Standing in front of a crowd is nerve-racking enough, and now you’re required to share your feelings? I mean, this is the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. This is the moment you get to profess your love to them in front of your closest family and friends. This may be the biggest day of your entire life. What will you say to seal the deal? What words will make your fiancé cry, laugh, and believe your love is forever? I’m sorry—I’m not being helpful. Here’s the thing: No matter what you say in those few precious minutes, the end result will be the same. You will have made a promise to love and cherish your fiancé forever—and you will be married. That being said, if you want to get it just right…follow my advice.





1. Settle on a format and tone with your fiancé.

You don’t want to follow 2 minutes of jokes from your man with 5 minutes of tear-jerking poetry. Discuss the overall tone you want your words to have, as well as a length you both can handle.


2. Reflect on your relationship.

Before you pick up that pen, look back on your relationship. What brought you to this moment? When did you know they were ‘the one?’ When did you first start falling in love? What memories stand out? A bit of reflection can lead to a lot of writing.

2. 回想一下你們的關係

3. Determine your definition of “love” and “marriage.”

Everyone has a different image when they picture the perfect marriage. How do you see it? What will your spouse do for you and what will you do for your spouse? Think about the relationships you admire and how you can use them to influence your own. Remember that this is your promise—there’s no wrong answer.

3. 確定你對於“愛”和“婚禮”的定義

4. Call out the best in them.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not with compliments? Tell them why you love them, what makes them special, and the qualities they posess that make ‘forever’ possible.

4. 點出優點

5. Think in terms of promises.

Be honest with them—what can you promise them or at least say you’ll strive for? That may be standing by them through thick and thin, remembering to make their coffee in the morning or never to play the song they hate, or to love them even when you may not like them.

5. 做出承諾

6. Leave out any embarrassing, TMI details.

Remember that you’ll be in front of a crowd—don’t say anything you’ll regret. Leave those TMI details for later.

6. 不要說出會讓人尷尬的話

7. Don’t let quotes and poems overpower your own meaningful words.

Find one or two that represent your own amazing love and use them as a starting point. Your words will mean far more to your partner than someone else’s.

7. 不要讓愛情詩句佔據你的字句

8. Keep it short and sweet.

2-3 minutes is good length to go for. If you figure out how to say it all in just a few words, that’s fine too.

8. 保持精簡動人

9. Remember the letter.

Most couples give each other a wedding gift along with a hand-written letter. If your vows get too lengthy, add some of those wonderful words to your letter. It’s also the place for those TMI details you can’t help but share.

9. 記住你還可以寫信

10. Give yourself time.

A lot of people like to start writing the night before (or even the day of), but if you’re nervous I recommend giving yourself a little more time.

10. 留些時間給自己

11. Practice.

Give yourself some time to practice them too! Say them out loud, please.

11. 練習

12. Read them to each other beforehand.

This is a tip I like to stress. If you’re concerned you may ugly-cry or get extremely nervous, why not share your promises before the big day? It’ll be just as meaningful, but without all the pressure.

12. 唸給對方聽

13. Save a copy.

You’ll thank me later.

13. 留下備份

source: wedding Shoppe Inc